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Dispel cold to strengthen the body and replenish lung qi
Issues such as reoccurring flu, respiratory allergies, aversion to cold and wind, excessive sweating, and fatigue are usually due to insufficient lung qi. During winter or flu season, people with insufficient lung qi are most susceptible to infection because insufficient lung qi is vulnerae to attack of pathogens. Those prone to cold/flu then easily become the source of the spread of bacteria.
This kind of person should dispel cold and replenish qi to strengthen the body, avoid eating cold/raw food, and drink plenty of warm water. Keep warm during winter. Soak your feet in hot water for 15-20 minutes before going to bed to dispel cold and dampness, which helps to keep warm and improve sleep. Have enough sleep and exercise appropriately, do not exercise too rigorously. It is better to take more walks and jog. Eat more ingredients that can strengthen the spleen such as Chinese yam, hyacinth bean and cooked coix seeds to help the body absorb nutrients. Eat more ingredients that can replenish qi such as Chinese yam, potato, ginseng, Chinese red dates, and quail.

Ginger tea with brown sugar and Chinese red dates
Effects: dispels cold and replenishes qi, relieves symptoms such as cold limbs and aversion to cold.
Ingredients: 6 slices of ginger, 3-4 pitted Chinese red dates, appropriate amounts of brown sugar
Preparation: rinse ginger and pitted chinese red dates thoroughly and place into thermos, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 15-20 minutes. Add brown sugar to taste. You can re-brew until its flavor weakens.
Note: not suitable for those with heat-related symptoms such as sore throat and yellowish phlegm

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