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Two way to reduce stress for better sleep
Are you sleep less recently, and find it harder to fall asleep? Restless, frequent dream, easily awoken, accompanied by irritability, chest pain and frequent sighing are symptoms of insomnia. This is caused by liver and gallbladder qi stagnation and heat from the perspective of Chinese medicine. Recently, the social atmosphere is tense with divided opinions. People are often surrounded by negative news, and it is both physically and mentally exhausting. Ironically, you can not sleep at night. Why can’t you sleep even though you are exhausted? Insomnia caused by liver and gallbladder qi stagnation and heat is caused by anger that hurt liver, liver qi dysfunction, qi stagnation in the body for a long time will cause heat. If you are drinking more due to your moods, eating more fried, greasy and heavy taste food, it further created heat in the liver and gallbladder and accumulates fire in the body. At this time, if you are affected by people and things around you, you should put down the phone before going to bed, stop the flow of information, and let yourself rest. Before going to bed, do some stretches. Reducing stress is also important so have a cup of tea to soothe your liver.

A simple stretch to do before sleep
There is a posture in yoga called “Child’s pose”, mostly done before the end of a yoga sessjon or in a more complicated posture to relax the body and mind. As the name suggests, like a child in the mother’s belly, which can calm the mind, relax your muscles, relieve stress and improve insomnia.
So let’s do this 5 minutes before going to sleep!

Method: Kneel on the bed and sit on your heels, hips should touch your heels. Bend down your upper body forward with hands forward or along the side of your body. Your chest should be on top of your thighs.

Sweet osmanthus tea with chamomile
Ingredients: chamomile, sweet osmanthus, appropriate amounts of honey (You may decide how much to add)
Preparation: rinse all ingredients thoroughly and place into thermos, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 5 minutes and add honey to taste when tea is warm.
Effects: relieves mental stress and depression

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