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Relieving stress headaches at its source 
Besides poor sleep quality, are you suffering from headaches, dizziness, unusual irritability and bad mood, and the symptoms are getting worse due to mental stress and tension? Chinese medicine believes that this type of headache is mostly caused by rising liver yang, often accompanied by restless sleep, irritability, chest pain, red eyes, bitter taste and even tinnitus. These symptoms show that the pressure is at its limits, and you have to find some ways to relieve stress. In addition, you can also pay attention to your daily diet and lifestyle habits, avoid warm-natured ingredients such as Chinese red dates and longan, and avoid stimulating tasty foods such as curry and spicy food to help relieve headache symptoms.

Tips to relieve stress headaches
✔ Identify the cause of stress
You must first know the source of stress before dealing with it. Find a way to face it which is more effective than escaping!

✔ Press on Feng Chi Point
Position: in the back of your neck, under the skull, 2 large rib bone in the outer edge of the dimple, same level with earlobe
Effects: relieves headaches, and shoulder pain.

✔ Pay attention to your sitting posture
Tension headaches are related to daily posture. You often sit in the office facing the computer. It is important to get up and walk and stretch your muscles! When sitting, your back should be as straight as possible, and the computer screen should be at eye level.

✔ Clear liver fire moderately
A cup of chrysanthemum green tea can help you clear the liver fire and improve eyesight.
Ingredients: Chrysanthemum, 1 green tea sachet
Preparation: Place all ingredients into a thermos, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 10 minutes

❌ Eat warm-natured ingredients
❌ Eat spicy, fried and oily food
❌ Be excessively agitated

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