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The art of slicing star fruit
Star fruits would make constant appearance throughout the summer until mid-autumn. It is cold in nature; can clear heat and promote secretion of saliva, relieve cough, promote diuresis and relieve hangover. Anyone having a wind-heat cough and flu (anemopyretic cold), or cough associated with lung-heat, as well as coughing up yellow sputum, can consume star fruit to relieve the symptoms.

Out of all the fruits, star fruit stands out the most because of its unique hexagonal shape. So what’s the best way to cut it?
The simple childlike slicing method:
Since it is literally called “star fruit”, the easiest way is by cutting off the edges, and then cut horizontally across the fruit. Each slice will be star-shaped. Though it might seem interesting, it is not the most convenient way to eat the fruit, as we will have to remove and spit out the core and fibrous part along the way.

The “presentable-enjoyable” slicing method:
Cut the star fruit vertically in order to fully enjoy its flesh. First, remove the edges and hold the fruit upright. Then, cut vertically right in the middle, to remove the core and the fibrous part, producing V-shaped slices. When they are further sliced horizontally, you will get smaller pieces that resemble a moustache.

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