July 18, 2020




1. 一班水果去旅行,哪個水果忘記回家呢?
2. 有哪種水果不懂得打字?
3. 甚麼水果可祝人長命百歲?
4. 檸檬最怕甚麼水果呢?


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Relax for a minute- Fruit IQ Test

See if you can figure out the answers!

1. A group of fruits travel together, and one of them forgets to go home, which is it?
2. Which fruit cannot type?
3. Which fruit can be used to celebrate long live?
4. Which fruit scare lemon the most?

(Answer will be posted in the comment column.)

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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