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CheckCheckCin:日本押麥其實就是大麥,大麥因加工方不同而分為押麥、米粒麥等產品,押麥是將大麥蒸過後壓成扁平狀,其實它就是我們熟悉的洋薏米啊!洋薏米(Pearl Barley)就是磨去殼的大麥,它沒有生薏米的祛濕功效,在中醫角度上沒有多大的食療功效,但含有豐富纖維,所以有助紓緩便秘。如果加入白米一起烹煮食用,可以增加纖維量,坊間的十穀米都有混入洋薏米,它的口感比較有嚼感,需要多咬幾下才能吞嚥,從而減慢進食速度,而且纖維量高容易令人產生飽足感,比單吃精製的白米多了減肥效果。如果想增加攝取纖維量,除了洋薏米,還可以加入糙米、紅米、蕎麥、奇亞籽、燕麥等,但要注意脾胃虛弱、消化能力不佳的人容易造成消化不良,宜慢慢調節進食份量。

洋薏米 — 又稱珍珠麥,是磨去殼的大麥,有健脾及回乳作用,但作用不大,適合各體質人士服用。

Understanding pressed barley
“A friend recommended pressed barley to me. Is it true that it can aid weight loss, lower cholesterol and open blood vessels?”

CheckCheckCin: Pressed barley (Oshi Mugi) is actually barley. Barley is categorized into pressed barley, rice grain and other products due to different processing methods. Pressed barley first steamed and then pressed into a flat shape. In fact, it is the pearl barley we are familiar with! Pearl barley is the barley that has been polished to remove the bran. It does not have the dampness dispelling effect of coix seed. It does not have much healing effect from the perspective of Chinese medicine, but it is rich in fiber, so it can help relieve constipation. If you add white rice and cook it together, you can increase the amount of fiber. There is pearl barley in ten grain rice, and it’s chewy. It takes a few bites to swallow, which slows down the eating speed along with a high fiber content. It can produce satiety and has more weight loss effect than just eating refined white rice. If you want to increase your fiber intake, besides pearl barley, you can add brown rice, red rice, buckwheat, chia seeds, oat, etc.. but it should be noted that those with asthenic weak spleen and stomach and poor digestion ability may have indigestion when eating pearl barley. They should be aware of the servings.

Pearl Barley- has been polished to remove the bran, suitable for nourishing the spleen and for breastmilk withdrawal. Doesn’t have much healing effects, suitable for all body types.

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