June 18, 2020


⭐ 高血壓沒有症狀往往到出現併發症才得知
⭐ 記得定期測量血壓


西芹 — 性涼,有清熱平肝、利水、健胃、降血壓、降血脂的功效。西芹屬性偏涼,脾胃虛寒者不宜進食。

通菜 — 性寒,具有解熱防暑、清熱涼血、降血壓、通便秘的作用。通菜性寒,胃寒胃痛者及脾胃虛寒腹瀉者不宜食用。

海帶 — 性寒,具有化痰軟堅、清熱利水、降血壓作用。海帶性寒,胃寒胃痛者及孕婦勿吃。

洋蔥 — 性溫,有祛風發汗、降血壓、降血脂、降血糖功效。素患眼疾者不宜。

蒜頭 — 性溫,有暖脾胃、行滯氣、降血壓、降血脂及殺菌的功效。素患眼疾者不宜。

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Ingredients to lower blood pressure
Blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the walls of blood vessels as the heart pumps. Normal blood pressure allows blood through the body so that oxygen and nutrients can reach each part of the body. Urbanties tend to eat more meat and less vegetables, too many thick sauced foods, have a stressful life, not exercise enough, have frequent work related dinner, sleep late. All of these can lead to high blood pressure, which is an “invisible killer”. As high blood pressure can easily induce coronary heart disease, heart disease, stroke and other serious illnesses, adults should check their blood pressure regularly. If they find that the blood pressure is high, they should adjust their diet and eat ingredients with blood pressure lowering effects, such as celery, water spinach, kelp, onion, and garlic. Have a diet with more vegetables and less meat and lightly seasoned. They need to choose food that are less oily, avoid thick sauce and stimulating foods. Quit smoking and alcohol, and do not eat too much tonic foods, such as ginseng, angelica root, pilose antler. Regularly exercising can relieve stress and maintain blood pressure stability. If you have any questions about blood pressure, you should consult a professional healthcare professional.

Celery- cool in nature, can clear heat and calm the liver, strengthen the stomach and promote diuresis. Celery lowers blood pressure and blood lipids. As it is cool in nature, it is not suitable for those with asthenic spleen and stomach.

Water spinach- cold in nature, can clear summer heat, cool blood, lower the blood pressure and relieve constipation. As it is cold in nature, it is not suitable for those with cold stomach, stomachache or asthenic weak spleen and stomach. 

Kelp – cold in nature, can clear phlegm and soften hard mass, clear heat and promote diuresis, and lower blood pressure. As it is cold in nature, it is not suitable for those with cold stomach, stomachache and pregnant women.

Onion – warm in nature, can dispel wind and promote perspiration, lower blood pressure, blood Iipids and blood sugar. It is not suitable for those with eye diseases.

Garlic – warm in nature, can warm the spleen and stomach, promote qi, lower blood pressure and blood Iipids, and anti-bacterial. It is not suitable for those with eye diseases.

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