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不建議飲食: 重口味及煎炸、油膩食物如薯片、咖喱、炸物。甜品如朱古力,生冷如雪糕、冰凍果汁

Children with skin allergy definitely need to be careful with what they eat
When children experience a series of skin allergy issues, it can be more miserable for them than for adults. Aside from medication, it is important to watch their diets carefully or try to pay attention to what foods might cause the allergic reaction. Stimulating foods should definitely be avoided but some other foods that seem harmless may also need to be avoided. Body constitution cannot be changed overnight so dietary habits should be changed overtime.
Suggested foods: Try to consume foods that are mild in nature like fish, broccoli, cauliflower, macaroni. Appropriately consume coarse grains such as rice, potato, millet and sweet potato.
For snacking: Rice water, fruits such as avocado, blueberry, dragonfruit (red meat ones are sweeter), kiwi, apple, home-made (low sugar) jello, seaweed, and room temperature yogurt.
Foods to avoid: heavy flavored, fried, oily foods such as chips, curry, fried food. Desserts such as chocolate, Badsha Cold Drinks Ice Cream and Juice

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