December 24, 2018

【 Hohoho~】聖誕同口氣分手吧



– 每餐吃七至八分飽
– 早睡早起,避免熬夜
– 保持大便暢通
– 避免吃濃味食物如蔥、蒜頭、洋蔥、韭菜、煎炸油膩食物
– 避免吸煙、喝酒、咖啡、奶茶



Resolve your bad breath ahead of new years

When it comes to personal hygiene, bad breath can be difficult to spot on your own. But it can be quite miserable for those around you. If you don’t have any plans today, try to see if you actually have bad breath!

Why does bad breath happen to those who brush their teeth day and night, use mouth wash and always have gum with them now? The cause may not be in the mouth. From Chinese medicine perspective, bad breath is a symptom related to dampness and heat in spleen and stomach as well as indigestion. If you frequently have late nights, drink, smoke and consume oily and fried food, it could worsen your breath.

To address your bad breath, aside from oral hygiene, be sure to adjust your lifestyle:
– eat until you’re 70-80% full each meal
– sleep and wake up early and avoid late nights
– maintain regular stool production
– avoid heavy flavour food such as onion, garlic, spring onion, chives, fried and oily things
– avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee and milk tea

To test for bad breath: lick the back of a spoon and smell it after a couple seconds

Healing tea to relieve bad breath
Effects: clears heat and dispels dampness, alleviates bad breath caused by heat in the spleen and stomach
Ingredients: 9g giant wrinkled hyssop, 9g eupatorium, 12g lotus leaves
Preparation: cut up herbs and place into thermos. Rinse once with hot water then steep with hot water for 10 minutes until fragrance develops.

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