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小便是身體排毒的重要機制,我們的身體本已內置排毒功能── 體內廢物會隨著大小便及汗液排出體外。小便的狀態能反映健康狀況,但你又知道怎樣的小便才為之健康嗎?就在這個年尾的時間,認識每天與你共存的wee wee,和身體積貯的毒素統統排出!

– 顏色呈淡黃色且清澈
– 小便時順暢無窒礙感
– 正常成年人一天小便3至8次
– 兩次小便時間一般相隔2-3小時
– 健康人士應該沒有夜尿或最多1次

量多而透明如水 — 可能是腎虛或飲水太多了。
小便黃赤 — 喝水量不足,或者因為實火、濕熱引致。
夜尿頻多 — 可能是腎虛。
小便混濁或多泡 — 可能是脾腎失調的徵兆,或者蛋白尿,建議諮詢醫師意見。
小便淡紅色 — 膀胱或肝膽濕熱、脾腎兩虛所致,亦有可能是泌尿系統問題,建議諮詢醫師意見。

Your pee contains information on your health
Urination is an important part of detoxification function as a lot of waste will flow out of our bodies through urine and sweats. Your urine is a reflection of your health so how should it look? Take time to learn about your pee and how to ensure all the toxins in your body can be removed.

Healthy pee:
– light yellow and clear
– smooth urination without feeling of obstruction
– adults should pee 3-8 times per day
– there should be 2-3 hours between each urination
– healthy people should not urinate at night or at most just once per night

Your urination will be affected by amount of fluid intake, cold or warm weather and the amount of sweat produced. If you have any of below symptoms, you may need to take note of your health and seek professional advice as needed.

– high volume and clear like water- may be drinking too much or have asthenic kidneys
– dark yellow in colour- may not be drinking enough or have excess heat and damp heat
– frequent urination during the day with high volume- high stress or high dampness
– frequent night urination- perhaps asthenic kidneys
– murky or bubbly urination- it may be sign if spleen and kidney dysfunction or it may be protein in urine. Best to seek professional opinion.
– light red in colour- damp heat bladder, liver or gall, may be caused by asthenic spleen and kidneys or issues with urinary system. Best to seek professional opinion.

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