September 14, 2019

【突然身痕】 總有想?又不好意思?的時候



1/ 下半身敏感位置痕癢?

2/ 腋下鬼祟位經常覺痕?

3/ 你哪裡痕?屁股痕呀!

4/ 腳板底痕癢要怎辦?

Embarrassing itchy spots
Have you ever suddenly had an itch in public, and it was in an embarrassing spot!. What would you do then? Immediately rush into the nearest restroom, hide in a corner to scratch, or just scratch it without caring?

1/ Itchy and allergic position of the lower body?
Even if you love cleanliness, sometimes there will be sudden itching in allergic position. Some ladies may even be allergic to the rubber edge of the sanitary napkin, and have allergic reaction on the inside of the thigh. What can you do if this happens in public? ? Some may suggest that you can put your hands in the pocket at this time, put your hand into the trouser pocket and quietly scratch it, it is natural and no one aware of it!

2/ Itching hidden spots such as underarm?
Some hidden spots are more itchy, like the joint of the hands and feet, and underarms. These sweaty spots can be especially itchy. At this time, you should pretend that nothing is happening, and show a professional and confident look by folding your arms over the chest, and the sneak your fingers into the armpits, and no one will know what you have done.

3/ Itchy buttocks?
Internet shows that many people have a problem with itchy buttocks. Even Japanese medicine company has launched an anti-itch cream. That is because a study shows that one of every four Japanese people have a problem with itchy buttocks! The main point is hygiene, especially after going to the bathroom, you can clean buttocks with wet toilet paper. Someone with itchy buttocks may go to corner or somewhere with a pillar and pretend to wait for friends, then rub your itchy spots. It can instantly solve the itching and no one knows! As for hygiene problems, we don’t suggest you rub your butt everywhere, only when it’s necessary!

4/ Itchy sole of the foot?
The more difficult to scratch, the more itchy it is. One of such spots is the sole of the foot. It is hard to not scratch when it is itchy. But it is really difficult to take off your shoes and scratch it in public. At this time, you may rush into the nearest shoe store to try out shoes. Take a chance to take advantage and keep scratching, or pretend to tie your shoelaces and put your fingers into the shoes sneakily to ease the itchiness.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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