February 26, 2019



– 舌淡紅,舌苔色白膩
– 女性白帶偏多
– 大便稀爛或如水狀
– 怕冷
– 手腳冰冷


– 舌偏紅,舌苔偏黃膩
– 女性白帶偏多,色偏黃味重
– 大便偏軟、質黏、異常臭、肛門會有灼熱感
– 體味重
– 眼乾目赤
– 多面油,容易出暗瘡粉刺


Distinguish between damp heat and damp cold
As we enter spring, the body feels so tired like its wrapped by a wet tower. You sleep poorly, feel heavy headed, bloated, and it is directly related to increase in humidity. You might conveniently buy a bottle of tea to dispel dampness but find yourself feeling cold after, so what went wrong? As dampness pathogens attack the body, your body type will change. When dampness meets heat in the body, damp heat is formed, and if dampness meet cold in the body, then damp cold is formed and how you handle each can be vastly different. First get to know your body and do not just drink any tea that dispels dampness, avoid cold and raw foods, fatty an spicy things as these add to the burden of your digestive system making it hard to dispel excess fluids in the body.

Symptoms of damp cold
– light red tongue, white tongue coating
– ladies have more vaginal discharge
– loose or watery stool
– aversion to cold
– cold limbs
suitable: raw ginger, Chinese yam, dried citrus peel, rice bean
avoid: cold/raw and bitter and cold foods such as ice cream, sashimi, raw oysters, herbal tea and turtle jelly
Healing tea for damp cold
Ginger tea
effects: dispel cold and dampness
Ingredients: 4 slices of raw ginger with peel, appropriate amounts of brown sugar
Preparation: rinse ginger slices thoroughly and hit until they are broken, add in brown sugar into thermos and steep with hot water for 15 minutes
Note: not suitable for those with sore throats

Symptoms of damp heat
– Red tongue, yellowish tongue coating
– ladies have increased vaginal discharge that is yellowish with strong odor
– soft and sticky stool that is unusually smelly with feeling of heat in anus
– strong body odor
– red and dry eyes
– more facial oil, prone to acne
suitable: corn silk, coix seed, winter melon, lotus leaf
avoid: sweets, fried and spicy foods such as chocolate and spicy hot pot
Healing tea for damp heat
Plumeria tea
Effects: clears heat and detoxifies, dispels dampness
Ingredients: 6 plumeria
Preparation: place plumeria in thermos and rinse once with hot water and pour water out. Then steep with hot water for 5-10 minutes.
Note: Those with cold or flu, who are pregnant or menstruating, with asthenic week spleen and stomach and prone to diarrhea should take with caution.

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