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大便不成形 — 偏軟身、稀爛或如水狀
大便黏馬桶 — 質黏、異常地臭、肛門有灼熱感,就是身體有濕熱
抹好多紙巾 — 用好幾張紙巾反覆地抹仍擦不乾淨,也是濕熱症狀


– 該吃飯的時候卻沒有餓的感覺
– 吃一點點就有飽滯感覺
– 常感到胸悶胃脹

– 睡不安寧
– 就算睡足6-8小時,仍疲倦不堪,提不起勁



How do you find out if you have dampness?

Spring is here and the humidity can make one feel uneasy. Aside from external dampness caused by weather, internal dampness in the body can affect your health. Chinese medicine lists 6 major pathogens: wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and fire, and dampness is most difficult to remove. If you feel tired even if you have adequate sleep and have loose stool, you may already be affected by dampness. Use these five things to assess if you have dampness in your body.

1. Your stool
Healthy stool should form a shape and is not loose. If you stool is loose, there is dampness in your body.
Stool does not form shape- soft, loose or watery
Stool sticks to the toilet- sticky, unusually smelly, feeling of heat in anus means dampness in body
Using a lot of tissues- if you need to use a lot of tissues to clean up, it is a symptom of dampness

2. Your tongue
Moist and thick tongue coating is also a symptom of dampness
With dampness: white coating that is moist and sticky as if a thin layer of finely chopped tofu is on top and is difficult to remove
Dampness and heat: yellowish coating that is moist and sticky

3. Your appetite
The functions of your digestive system will have issued with dampness affecting your appetite
– you do not feel hunger during meal time
– you feel stuffed after eating just a little
– you frequently feel tightness in chest and abdominal bloating

4. Sleep quality
As your digestive system is affected by dampness, your sleep quality is also affected
– poor sleep quality
– you feel tired even after 6-8 hours of adequate sleeping

5. Your body shape
People with dampness in body will generally be rounder
– loose muscles
– symptoms of edema

To remove dampness from body, you have to start by strengthening the spleen as the spleen is in charge of transport in the body. With healthy spleen functions, your body can transport fluids preventing dampness stagnation. Have foods that strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness such as white rice, rice bean, Chinese yam, coix seed and hyacinth bean coat. Have rice water daily to strengthen the digestive system and dispel dampness.

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