July 1, 2018




⃞打機要過多一關 / 煲劇要煲多一集,直至眼皮撐不住才睡

1. 放下心癮,避免熬夜
2. 睡前避免刺激性飲品而牛奶屬性滋膩,不適合脾胃虛弱人士
3. 遠離手機 - 讓大腦徹底休息
4. 切勿吃飽即睡 - 睡覺的時候卻要脾胃努力工作,怎會安寧
5. 關燈睡覺 - 白天為陽,晚上為陰,黑暗環境中才能容易入眠,確保優質睡眠
6. 呼吸新鮮空氣,入眠更舒暢
7. 閉口而睡,避免元氣外洩

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7 common sleep mistakes
Sleeping is an innate need and function of the body, but sleeping well isn’t always a given. Some habits may affect your sleep quality and let’s see how many of the below 7 are you guilty of!

– you always want to beat one more stage in the game or watch one more episode of your show and wait until your eyes can’t stay open to go to sleep
– drinking coffee, milk tea, alcohol or a glass of milk before sleep
– you are on the phone until the moment you sleep and sleep with your phone next to your pillow
– you have a filling midnight snack and then go to sleep
– you sleep without turning off the lights
– you cover your head with your blanket
– you sleep with your mouth open

Chinese medicine believes you have to sleep well to replenish energy for your body to strengthen health. Note these points for a better night sleep!

1. Let go of your urges and avoid late nights
2. Avoid drinks that are stimulants before sleep or milk as it’s fatty and not suitable for those with asthenic spleen and stomach
3. Put your phone away and give your mind a proper rest
4. Don’t go to bed after a big deal as your spleen and stomach are still hard at work
5. Turn the lights off to sleep- sleeping in the dark makes it easier to fall asleep and ensure better sleep quality
6. Breath in fresh air to make it easier to fall asleep
7. Keep your mouth shut when you sleep so you don’t lose any vital energy

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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