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常聽到有女性朋友提及到經期來得頻繁,一個月來兩次經期。但那其實不是月經,而是經間期出血。特徵是,兩次經期中間出血,大概是排卵期間,通常只有‭ ‬1-2‭ ‬天,血量極少,數滴不等。這情況多發生於經常熬夜,陰虛火旺體質人士、工作或生活壓力大或經常動肝火的人士。偶爾出現一兩次,下個月又恢復正常的話,不用太擔心,亦無大礙,若你每個月也出現這種情況就要小心,最好快快求醫!

My period comes quite often, about every 10 days or so, what’s the issue?

Often hear girlfriends talk about how often their period comes, sometimes even twice a month. But in reality, that isn’t real menstruation but it’s spotting between periods. Usually when bleeding between periods happen, it would happen during ovulation for 1-2 days and the amount of blood would be very little, perhaps a few drops. If it happen once or twice and then it goes back to normal, then there isn’t much to worry about. If it persists consistently then it’s best to see a doctor soon!

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