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保健湯水的材料配搭,大概都跟從這條方程式:新鮮瓜果 + 肉類 + 屬性平和的藥材,湯水食譜有時候用上豬肉,有時候用雞、烏雞,有時候用鵪鶉,究竟是怎樣配搭的呢?答案是視乎你的體質需要。






Soup Making Secret
The recipes for healthy soups are generally formulated with- fresh gourds + meat + mild natured herbs. Sometimes the recipes call for pork, other times chicken, black chicken or even quail. You should decide based on body constitution.

Usually, pork is the choice as it is mild in nature and can replenish the kidney and nourish blood, nourish yin and relieve dryness. Pork is suitable for most body constitutions. Soup with lean pork is the lightest with a hint of sweetness; pork shank after cooking is tender to eat; soup with pork bone tend to be more flavorful but also higher in fat contents.

Those who are weaker, with yin deficiency, just had surgery, or just recovered from illness and want to mildly replenish the body can use black chicken or quail. Black chicken is mild in nature, can nourish yin and clear heat, replenish liver and strengthen the kidney. Quail is mild in nature, some consider it as ‘animal ginseng’, it can replenish all five major organs and nourish qi and blood.

Chicken is suitable for those with asthenic cold bodies. It is warm in nature, can replenish qi and blood, warm the stomach and nourish all five organs. Those with a cold or flu, damp heat or phlegm and dampness body constitution should not have chicken.

What can vegetarians use in soups? Replace the meat with nuts (walnuts, cashews) that have been stir fried without oil, chestnuts, monkey mushroom, tea plant mushrooms, soy beans, or red kidney beans.

* note that soups are meant to have replenishing effects so we suggest not have any when you have a cold or flu.

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