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Cupping can show body status

Cupping is one of the traditional health treatments of Chinese medicine. Using a cup tool coupled with combustion or other methods to create a negative pressure inside the cup. It sucks in specific parts of the body, causing some part of skin to fill with blood to promote the blood and qi circulation. It can replenish vital energy and clear the pathogens in the body. It is commonly used to dredge your meridians, relieve pain, relieve cold and clear coldness and dampness to prevent diseasea or to cure diseases. As it is also suitable for muscle stiffness and soreness, many foreign athletes like to have cupping after exercise in recent years.
When doing cupping treatment, Chinese medicine practitioners will choose areas with thick muscles and no hair, such as shoulder blades, waist, back and abdomen. Each cup placement should not exceed ten minutes. The cupping process is carried out by a Chinese medicine practitioner or a professional therapist. Some people also have cupping at home. However, it is recommended that let the Chinese medicine practitioner check your body condition first before cupping, and the effect will be better.

After cupping, the skin will leave circular marks in different colours, which are a reflection of the body condition at that time.
Purple black: There is blood stasis in the body. The qi and blood circulation are poor. It mostly appears in people with pain or fatigue.
Bright red: It is caused by heat or yin deficiency, may also be related to strain and staying up late.
Light red: The blood circulation is good.
Grayish white: Insufficient qi and blood in the body.
Blisters or water droplets in the can: Heavy dampness

Although cupping can prevent disease and cure diseases, it is not suitable for pregnant women, those with heart disease, blood diseases, skin diseases, poor coagulation, qi deficiency, drunkenness, excessive fatigue, after staying up late. Those who are full or excessively hungry should not do it as well.

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