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天氣越熱,衣服就愈輕薄,而身上的脂肪就愈礙眼,穿起小背心中空款小短褲時它們完全無所遁形! 減肥真的是持續性的希望工程,從中醫角度來看,想瘦身首先要從認清體質出發,再配合及控制飲食,加上適量運動。不少人都有同樣的疑問,除了以上提到的大道理外還有甚麼可以做?針灸可以有助減肥嗎?
中脘穴 ── 增強胃部蠕動,改善胃痛胃脹。
水分穴 ── 利水消脹,促進水份代謝。
天樞穴 ── 疏調大腸,扶土化濕,理氣消滯。
腎俞穴 ── 溫補腎陽,消水腫。
足三里 ── 健脾胃,調氣血,通便。
豐隆穴 ── 去除痰濕,紓緩便秘水腫。
三陰交穴 ── 促進新陳代謝,改善下肢血液循環。

Acupuncture points to aid slimming
The hotter the weather, the thinner your clothes will be. Then your fat on the body will be more obvious when wearing your sleeves top with shorts! Burning fat definitely requires continuous work. From a Chinese medicine perspective, to burn fat, you must first start by recognizing your body type, and then control diet and exercise moderately. Many people have the same questions – what else can be done besides the above mentioned method? Can acupuncture help you lose weight?
The principle of acupuncture treatment of Chinese medicine is to condition the organs by acupuncture points. For example, acupuncture can stimulate the functions of the lungs, spleen and kidneys, promote body metabolism, eliminate wastes such as dampness, phlegm and stasis that accumulated in fat body part. This creates balance of the overall regulation of the body and achieve the purpose of slimming. Chinese medicine practitioners will match the body according to the different body type of the patients.
The selected acupoints mainly have the functions of regulating qi, blood and stomach, dispeling dampness, nourishing the spleen and kidney. Here are a few examples:
Central Venter (Zhong Wan) Point – Enhance stomach movement and improve abdominal pain and bloating.
Shui Fen (Water Separation) Point- Promote diuresis and reduce bloating, promote water metabolism
Tianshu Point (Celestial Pivot) – Adjust the large intestine, strengthen liver and spleen, dispel dampness, regular qi and aid digestion
Kidney Shu Point – Warm kidney yang, eliminate edema.
Zu San Li Point – Strengthen spleen and stomach, regulate qi and blood, loosen the bowels to relieve constipation
Beautiful Bulge Point – Remove phlegm and dampness, relieves constipation and edema.
San Yin Jiao (Three Yin Intersection)- promote metabolism, improve blood circulation in the lower limbs.
It should be noted that it is impossible to only rely on acupuncture to lose weight. Acupuncture has only an auxiliary effect, and everyone has a different body type. The response to acupuncture is different. Acupuncture treatment needs to last for more than a few months. If there is no proper diet and exercise, you will remain overweight.
In addition to acupuncture to stimulate the above acupuncture points, massaging these acupuncture points are good for your health!

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