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Check your liver health 

How do you know if your liver is healthy? Western medicine will check the liver function index by drawing blood, while Chinese medicine can judge the physiological function of the liver by observing the eyes, nails and hair. Chinese medicine theory statea that liver connects to external world through the eyes. When you experience symptoms in the eye, it may be related to liver heat, lack of liver blood as those can cause poor vision, dry eyes, night blindness and other symptoms. Most people with yellowish eyes have some form of liver disease, such as hepatitis and cirrhosis.
From Chinese medicine perspective, the liver also reflects nail health as nails depend on the maintenance of liver essence and blood. If the nails are soft, thin, and dull, crack easily and even separate, it could mean lack of liver essence and blood.
The theory of Chinese medicine believes that hair is an extension of blood. Liver holds blood so the health of the hair can also reflect the health of the liver. Older people tend to have insufficient liver blood and kidney qi, and the hair becomes grey and thin, and those with anemia also have frequent hair loss.
Therefore, people with healthy liver will have bright eyes, glowy nails, and shiny volumous hair. If you want to nourish your liver, you need to get enough sleep. Go to sleep before 11pm to allow the liver to detoxify. Eat a light diet and eat sweet (i.e. light in taste) ingredients and green vegetables, eat less greasy and spicy foods, quit smoking and drinking. Keep a cheerful mood. Do aerobic exercise and stretching exercises to help relax yourself. You can drink “Difficulty falling asleep” healing tea to calm the heart and mind (not suitable for those recovering from a cold/flu). You can also drink mulberry tea with wolfberry to nourish the kidney and liver (not suitable for those with heat-related symptoms such as sore throat and canker sore). 
Recommendation for claiming the mind and improving sleeping quality??Difficulty falling a sleep healing tea
Effects: Calms the heart and mind. Relieves difficulty falling asleep due to over-thinking 
Ingredients: Fried Spine Date Seeds, biota seed, buckwheat
Note: Not suitable for those recovering from a cold/flu.
Price: $79 (5packs/box) 

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Recommendation for nourishing the kidney and liver??Mulberry tea with wolfberry
Ingredients: 15 wolfberries, 3-4 mulberries, 2 jujube dates (chopped)
Effects: Nourishes kidney and liver, nourishes yin and promotes blood circulation. It can improve skin, eyesight and hair quality. 
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly and place into thermos, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 10 minutes. You can re-brew until its flavor weakens.
Note: Not suitable for those with heat-related symptoms such as sore throat and canker sore. 

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