February 4, 2021



白扁豆 vs 扁豆衣

白扁豆 — 性平,有健脾、化濕、消暑的功效,適合氣虛及痰濕體質人士服用,因脾虛有濕而經常腹瀉的人士尤佳。

扁豆衣 — 性平,化濕功效比白扁豆更強,適合任何體質人士服用,因天氣潮濕或脾胃有濕而感覺身重體倦者更佳。

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Battle to dispel dampness
White hyacinth bean vs hyacinth bean coat
Whenever you wake up after a night of sleep, do you experience fatigue, water retention, appetite loss, tightness in chest, excessive phlegm, and loose stools that constantly stick to the toilet bowl? If you do, this means there is dampness in your body. Due to the weather and dietary habits, body dampness seems to affect Hong Kong people’s health all the time.

Both white hyacinth bean and hyacinth bean coat are mild in nature, and they are often used to eliminate body dampness. But are they the same? While white hyacinth bean can strengthen the spleen, dispel dampness, and clear heat; hyacinth bean coat, on the other hand, is actually dried peel that is more effective than white hyacinth bean to dispel body dampness. Since hyacinth bean coat is air-dried, it can be stored more conveniently. Why not get yourself a pack?

Hyacinth Bean – mild in nature. It can nourish the spleen, dispel dampness and clear heat. Suitable for those with qi deficiency and phlegm and dampness body types. For those with weakened spleen and affected by dampness, this can help relieve symptoms of frequent diarrhea just from eating very little.

Hyacinth Bean Coat – mild in nature. Have stronger healing effects of dispelling dampness than hyacinth beans. It is suitable for all body types. This is especially good for those feeling fatigue from humid weather or having dampness in the stomach and spleen.

✔ CheckCheckCin Recommendation: Edema
Ingredients: Chinese yam , hyacinth bean coat, poria, dried citrus peel
Effects: Strengthens the spleen and dispels dampness. Relieves bloatedness, lower-body bloating and eyelid swelling.

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