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石崇魚 — 健脾補腎、生津潤肺、滋補養顏,對傷口深層癒合有幫助。石崇魚屬於深海魚,頭部長滿硬棘,處理時要小心鰭刺有毒,被刺後會產生劇痛。

牛鰍魚 — 補脾益氣、健脾養胃、補血,有增加乳水的功效。

山斑魚 — 養血滋陰、益氣強身,有生肌功效,可加速傷口癒合。

生魚 — 補脾養胃、利水消腫,有助促進傷口癒合,尤其適合脾虛水腫人士飲用。

Avoid fish soup after surgery
Many people may think the sweet and delicious fish soup is a good choice to regulate the body after surgery. Some mothers may order fish well before surgery as good quality fish can be hard to find. Scorpionfish, small snakehead, blotched snakehead, flathead fish are popular choices. From Chinese medicine perspective, fish soup does have the effect of stimulating appetite, strengthening spleen and nourishing qi and blood. However, fish soup can promote muscle growth and speed up closure of wound too quickly. This could lead to itchiness and granulation tissue growth on the wound. Therefore, fish soup should be saved for 1-2 weeks post surgery.

Scorpionfish- strengthens spleen and kidney, promotes fluid production and moistens the lungs, improves skin quality. It helps to speed up recovery of deep wounds. As scorpionfish is one of deep sea fish, the head is full of hard spines. When handling, be careful that the fins are poisonous and will cause severe pain after being cut by them.

Flathead fish- nourishes spleen and stomach, and replenishes blood. It has the effect of increasing breast milk supply.

Small snakehead- nourishes blood, yin and qi, improves immunity. It can promote muscle growth, and speed up closure of wound.

Blotched snakehead- nourishes spleen and stomach, promotes diuresis and reduces bloating, helps promote wound healing, especially suitable people with asthenic spleen and edema.

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