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Improve the qi and blood for breast enhancement

People tend to believe that drinking papaya milk or papaya fish soup can enlarge the breasts as they think papaya resembles the shape of a breast. From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, papaya can strengthen the spleen and stomach, aid digestion, quench thirst, and relieve the summer-heat, but the fruit has nothing to do with breast enlargement. Nonetheless, women who breastfeed can consume more papaya fish to increase milk production as papaya could stimulate lactation.

Chinese physicians believed the development of the breasts is closely associated with the qi and the blood and nutrients in the body. If individuals observe a balanced diet during puberty, consuming an appropriate amount of coarse grains can strengthen and nourish the spleen and stomach as well kidney and liver. Likewise, consuming an adequate amount of fresh nutritious ingredients, especially those high in protein, like eggs, beans, pork, and nuts can also help achieve the same results.

Avoid improper dietary regime as it can take a toll on the spleen and stomach, as the organs might not absorb and circulate the nutrients in our body effectively. The breasts would also not get the nutrients if there were a lack of blood and qi. Likewise, cut down on raw and cold foods, as they could affect the circulation of the qi and blood. We can also try stretching exercises to lift and tighten the bosoms and enhance the shape.

Bust Improvement Exercise
Lay on the mat on your stomach, extend both arms and open up your shoulders towards the back. Push your chest towards the front, lift your head. Keep your legs on the group and breath, keep for 30 seconds.

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