Dawn Rice Water

Start the body engine

Suitable for children aged 1 and above

The effects of rice:
✓Reduce water retention
✓Relieve abdominal bloating
✓Improve yellowish complexion

Ingredients: Red Rice, Coix Seed, White Rice

No Additives. No Added Sugar. No Preservatives. Individually Vacuum Packed.

Suitable for the whole family to enhance physical wellbeing, especially those with a weak digestive system or with a phlegm and dampness body type. (Prone to diarrhea, loss in appetite, fatigue, bloatedness, loose muscles, and unexplained weight gain.)

Red rice is a type of brown rice. Similar to white rice, it is mild in nature and helps to replenish qi, nourish the spleen and stomach. Rice water can be consumed anytime of the day. The spleen and stomach meridians are strongest from 7-11am each day, drinking it in the morning would have the greatest effect.

*Not suitable for pregnant women.


Place rice water powder into a thermos and add 600-1000ml of boiling water

Steep for 20 minutes

May be re-brewed 2-3 times until its flavor weakens

1 box 15 packs

Made in: Hong Kong

SKU: 4897042753942


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