Dawn Rice Water
Dawn Rice Water
Dawn Rice Water
Dawn Rice Water

Dawn Rice Water

Ingredients: Red Rice, Coix Seed, White Rice

The effects of rice:
✓Reduce water retention
✓Relieve abdominal bloating
✓Improve yellowish complexion

Suitable for the whole family to enhance physical wellbeing, especially those with a weak digestive system or with a phlegm and dampness body type. (Prone to diarrhea, loss in appetite, fatigue, bloatedness, loose muscles, and unexplained weight gain.)

Red rice is a type of brown rice. Similar to white rice, it is mild in nature and helps to replenish qi, nourish the spleen and stomach. Rice water can be consumed anytime of the day. The spleen and stomach meridians are strongest from 7-11am each day, drinking it in the morning would have the greatest effect.

  1. Place rice water powder into a thermos and add 600-1000ml of boiling water
  2. Steep for 20 minutes
  3. May be re-brewed 2-3 times until its flavor weakens
Please store in dry and cool place.

Rice water has been known as a natural home remedy for thousands of years, seemingly simple yet carries the wisdom of health preservation. The old Qing-era book, Recipes from the House of Rest [translated title], even mentions congee and rice as “the world’s most nourishing food”. Rice water, which is made of a combination of red rice, white rice, and coix seeds, is mild in nature and suitable for men, women, and children of all ages. One cup of rice water a day reduces the burden of the digestive health.

Traditional Chinese medicine considers the spleen and stomach the root of the acquired constitution and the source of qi and blood production. As core components of the digestive system, the spleen and stomach are responsible for the absorption and transportation of nutrients to different parts of the body, and therefore play a crucial role in establishing a solid foundation for overall health.

A healthy body is key to preventing illness, but poor habits in our daily life can hurt the spleen and stomach over time. While it is important to let go of bad habits, drinking a cup of rice water a day is a good first step to begin alleviating the burden on the spleen and stomach.

*Suitable for children aged 1 and above

*Not suitable for pregnant women.

No additives. No preservatives. Individually vacuum packed.

The presence of small amounts of sediments is a normal phenomenon.

1 box x 15 sachets

Net Weight:21g x 15 sachets

Made in: Hong Kong


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