November 6, 2017

【24節氣- 立冬】




Beginning of Winter
– strengthen the spleen and stomach
– protect your yang qi
– avoid cold and raw foods

Today marks beginning of winter and it’s the first solar term of winter. There’s often the saying that you should have more tonic food in winter so that your body will be stronger for spring. But the modern lifestyle may not be suitable to do this especially when Hong Kong has a southern climate so even though it’s beginning of winter, it’s not quite cold yet. Have a cup of warm rice water every morning and you can replenish vital energy and qi. Even though it’s not cold, it’s important to keep warm to protect yang qi. To keep warm energy in your body, have more warm foods, avoid raw and cold things and air vents.

You can also have more beans and nuts such as chestnuts. Also have more fish that is mild in nature and easy to digest.



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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.