March 6, 2017





⚇Make breakfast part of your diet plan⚇

☞A lot of people cut out breakfast in an attempt to lose weight, thinking eating less meals will help with weight loss. But the reality is skipping breakfast easily leads to over eating in the next meal. The stomach channel works through its meridian from 7-9am, and the spleen absorption channel works from 9-11am. If during this time, breakfast isn’t consumed, it actually hurts the health of your stomach and spleen. This can result in spleen stagnation, making diet plans even less effective for weight loss. Hearty breakfast is not bad as long as you choose warm foods, even rice noodle rolls and ‘shumai’ are ok!

☞Other warm breakfast selections: potato congee, vegetarian rice roll, rice/noodles.


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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.