August 15, 2018

【星期四食材 - 鰻魚】



鰻魚 - 又稱為白鱔、河鰻、鰻纚,性平味甘,具補虛、養血、抗癆的功效,尤其適合體虛衰弱、貧血、男子腎虛陽痿、脾胃虛弱等人士食用。要注意鰻魚含脂肪量高,肥胖、高血脂症不宜多吃,而中醫典籍認為無鱗魚有毒(俗稱發物,容易加重及誘發原有疾病),故孕婦及濕疹患者不可多吃。

Summer Replenishing Choice- Eel

A lot of Japanese restaurants are pushing Unagi Don, the Eel fish rice. Japanese believe eel can replenish vital energy, and is especially good to have in the summer. Some say this is just another marketing technique. From Chinese medicine perspective, eel does have tonic nature, and is full of nutrients.
Eel- mild in nature with a sweet flavour. It can replenish deficiency, nourish blood and fight fatigue. It is suitable for those with asthenic weak bodies, with anemia, men with kidney deficiency and impotence, or those with asthenic spleen and stomach. Note that eel has higher levels of fat content so those who are over weight or with high blood lipids should not consume too much. Chinese medicine also believe eel can exacerbate illnesses or toxin in body so pregnant ladies or those with eczema should not have too much.

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