January 5, 2018




1. 冬季宜靜,終於有藉口偷懶不做運動
2. 減少進食壽司、沙律等寒涼生冷食物
3. 周末就賴個床,好好享受一下被窩的溫暖
4. 家裡要穿拖鞋,避免雙腳直接接觸地面


Minor cold solar term
Today is minor cold and it’s becoming dryer and cooler. You may not feel the actual wintery cold but nature is giving us a warning. (It will actually be quite cold next Tuesday!) Remember to keep warm especially with your head, neck and feet. During this solar term, it is best to nourish the kidneys, sleep early and wake up later, and do exercises that are less active. Your diet choices should be made based on your body constitution, appropriately eat warm-natured foods to fight the cold during this cool season. Those with weak spleen and stomach should drink rice water to strengthen the spleen and stomach. We suggest adding codonopsis to the rice water to replenish qi. Healthy spleen and stomach should help to increase immunity.

Gentle reminders:
1. It is suitable to be less active, finally an excuse not to exercise
2. Reduce consumption of raw and cold foods such as salad and sushi
3. Sleep in on the weekend to stay warm and cozy
4. Wear slippers at home to prevent touching the cold floor with your bare feet

Warm-natured foods: fried rice, cherries, chives, pumpkin, chestnut, peppers
Foods to nourish the kidney: black beans, black sesame, black rice, walnuts, wolfberries



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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.