April 26, 2019




– 有便意而不上廁所
– 上廁所時玩電話、看報紙、漫畫等,因為用力時間太久容易誘發痔瘡出現
– 坐足半小時,給肛門造成壓迫
– 依賴通便藥,久而久之不能用自身能力排便
– 逼自己每天一定要排便,造成心理壓力

– 早上5時至7時是大腸經循行時間,早點起床喝杯暖水,預留時間專心排便
– 如果早上沒有時間,也盡量讓身體養成定時排便的習慣
– 有便意就要立即上廁所
– 馬桶前加張小櫈子,讓雙腳踏上去,直腸拉直有助排便
– 飲食定時,讓腸胃定時有規律地蠕動
– 定時做運動,多散步

Learning to produce healthy stool
Bowel movement is a basic physiological function. It is important to clear waste inside the body regularly to be healthy. There are many things you should know about to having healthy bowel movement. Many people suffer from constipation. In fact, there are some details and to-dos to produce healthy stool, take a look at below.

– Not going to the toilet right away when nature calls.
– Play on your mobile phone, read newspapers and comics as pushing too hard may cause hemorrhoids.
– Sitting for half an hour which causes pressure on the anus.
– Rely on laxatives and your system will not produce bowel movement naturally.
– Force yourself to have bowel movement daily which could be stressful.

– From 5-7am, the large intestine meridian flows. Get up early and have a cup of warm water and leave time for bowel movement.
– If you do not have enough time in the morning, then train yourself to have bowel movement regularly.
– Go as soon as you feel the urge.
– Add a small chair in front of the toilet to put your feet up that straightens the rectum to aid bowel movement.
– Have meals regularly to keep your intestines moving regularly.
– Exercise regularly and take more walks.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.