May 30, 2020



一) 首先戒吃甜品、油膩、偏熱性和辛辣煎炸食物
二) 適量進食清熱袪濕食材,例如冬瓜、老黃瓜、綠豆、赤小豆、粟米鬚等
三) 第三步就是適量飲用有清熱祛濕功效的茶療,例如好熱氣茶療,都有助紓緩濕熱症狀,減少面油出沒。


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Three steps to reduce facial oil
You may wonder why you still have facial oil problems after using oil control products? Is there any way to reduce facial oil in summer? From Chinese medicine perspective, facial oil is a reflection of damp-heat body condition. If you eat too many desserts, or oily, hot-natured, spicy and fried food, the transportation function of the spleen and stomach will be affected which leads to dampness and heat. The combination of dampness and heat will affect qi and blood circulation, resulting in increased secretion of facial oil, acne and pimple.
If you want to reduce facial oil, you can start from three areas:
1. Avoid dessert, oily, hot natured, spicy and fried foods
2. Appropriately consume ingredients that can clear heat and dispel dampness, such as winter melon, old cucumber, mung bean, rice bean, corn silk.
3. Drink healing tea in moderation, such as ‘Very Hot (Qi)’ to relieve damp heat symptoms and reduce facial oil.

✔Recommendation: Very ‘Hot’ (Qi) Healing tea
Ingredients: Plumeria, chrysanthemum, buds, Chinese prayer bead grass
Effects: Clears heat and detoxifies
Suitable for: Bad breath, frequent eye discharge, red and dry eyes, frequent loss of temper, scanty or yellowish urine
Price: $79/5 packs
Note: Pregnant women should consume based on body condition

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