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CheckCheckCin:中醫理論認為五味與五臟有一定的親和性,中醫典籍《黃帝內經》曾提及「鹹先入腎,久而增氣,物化之常也;氣增而久,夭之由也。」鹹味與腎氣相通,可以強健骨骼,滋養腎精; 「夭」是指災殃或早亡,即是說增氣過多,再好的東西份量過多都會有壞處,所以鹹味食物可以養腎,但過多亦會傷腎,平衡之道最重要。


Does salty food nourish or damage your kidneys?

“I heard that salty food is beneficial for kidney from Chinese medicine theory on the five flavors. But isn’t salty food actually harmful for kidneys?”

CheckCheckCin: Chinese medicine believes that 5 flavors have complementary relationship with 5 organs. According to ancient Chinese medicine book “Huangdi Neijing”, salty taste has a close relationship with kidney qi. It can strengthen bone and kidney. However, it is harmful when you have too much salty food because it would overly increase qi in kidney. No matter how beneficial certain food might be, having too much can cause problems. Salty food can nourish kidney but also become harmful for the kidneys. Therefore, the way of balance is the most important point.
Salty within the 5 flavors from Chinese medicine theory refers to the natural saltiness in food but not adding extra salt to enhance the taste. For example, pork, pigeon, sea urchin, flower bud, jellyfish and seaweed are the salty food examples. So do not misunderstand that eat more food with salt can nourish kidney. You should choose the salty food that Chinese medicine refers to.

Salty food in Chinese medicine’s theory: crab, sea urchin, venus clam, jellyfish, seaweed, mussel, clam, river snail, razor clam, oyster, sea cucumber, dried scallop, pork, pigeon

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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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