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洋蔥 — 性溫,具祛風發汗、行氣化痰、降血壓、降血脂功效,特別適合風寒感冒患者食用。

1. 洋蔥切件,將一個小碗反轉放在大碗內,洋蔥平均放在小碗上面及四周。
2. 鍋中加入少許水,放入大碗用文火隔水蒸30分鐘即可,洋蔥水會藏在小碗之中。

Protect against flus by hanging onions?

As we are at the height of winter flu season, there are many different myths and solutions passed around. One of them is to hang a peeled onion in the room as the onion will absorb bacteria in the air to protect you against influenza. Onion is a nutritious ingredient and it also has medicinal qualities. It is effective shading dispersion of cold-wind to relieve cold-wind related symptoms. But the idea of relying on onion to absorb bacteria is far fetched so it’s better to use onion nutrients instead.

Onion- warm in nature, can dispel wind and promote perspiration, promote qi circulation and relieve phlegm, lower blood pressure and blood Iipids. It is especially suitable for those with cold-wind flu.

Steamed onion water
Effects: relieve symptoms related to cold-wind flu such as aversion to cold, lack of perspiration, stuffed and runny nose.
Ingredients: 1 onion
1. Cut onion into slices. Place a small bowl upside down into a large bowl. Place onion slices around and on top of the small bowl.
2. Add in small amount of water into pot and place large bowl in to steam away from water for 30 minutes. Onion water will be collected inside the small bowl.

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