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Can consuming cold foods lead to stomach discomfort?

Have you ever experienced stomach discomfort after indulging in salads, sashimi, or ice cream? If the consumption of cold and chilled foods triggers sudden and intense stomach pain, which subsides after applying a warm compress, Chinese physicians identifies this condition as “”stomach cold.””

The intake of cold and cooling foods has the potential to disrupt the natural downward movement of qi in the stomach, causing an imbalance and subsequent pain. In the context of traditional Chinese medicine, the primary focus is on warming the stomach, dispelling cold, and alleviating discomfort. Incorporate ingredients like perilla leaves, fresh ginger, cinnamon, and brown sugar into our diet, as they are renowned for their ability to warm the stomach and counteract cold.

Additionally, it is advisable to avoid foods that are overly chilly, cold, spicy, oily, dairy-based, glutinous, or rich in legumes, as these can contribute to qi stagnation. Regular consumption of nourishing porridge that supports spleen and stomach health, along with the daily habit of drinking a cup of rice water, can help prevent the onset of stomach cold.

Cinnamon twig and Black sugar Apple tea
Effects: Warms the stomach and dispels cold. Relieves fear of cold, stomach cold, and headache caused by cold wind flu.
Ingredients: 12g cinnamon twig, 2 teaspoons black sugar, 1/2 apples
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients. Peel and core the apple and smash it into pieces. Except black sugar, put all ingredients into the thermos. Then add in hot water and steep for 10 minutes. Add black sugar to taste. Tea can be re-brew until its flavour weakens. For best results, drink for 2 consecutive days as a course of treatment.

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