November 17, 2020




1. 噓寒問暖

2. 注意安全

3. 記得重要日子

4. 一起做家務

5. 放下手機

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Considerate Man 101
‘Warm man’, or in proper English, a considerate man to be exact, is every woman’s ideal image of a man. Who doesn’t want a caring and thoughtful partner right? Some are naturally born to be considerate, but anyone can be one if they work slightly harder! Here are some five tips to help you become a ‘warm man’.

1. Show concern
Imagine someone blows warm air into your cold hands and asks ‘do you feel warm now?’, isn’t it sweet? Men and women have different body conditions; women in particular have a colder body, especially those with yin or yang deficiency will develop aversion to cold and have cold palms or feet. It would be nice for men to show concern when entering or leaving an air-conditioned space, adjust the airflow of the air condition, or even act as a human shield to protect the ladies from the direct airflow. Always have a scarf ready in the car.

2. Watch out for safety
Allow the ladies to walk in the inner lane of a road, hold their hands when crossing the road; protect them from any undesirable contact with strangers. All this will make them feel safe around you. Remember to personally send them home at night, or. And sure they inform you once they’ve reached home.

3. Remember important dates
Important dates here are not anniversary or special occasions (of course it would be great if you remember them), but women’s menstruation cycle. Understanding this can help you plan your dates better, so you can avoid eating raw and cold food like sushi, sashimi and salad, when they are on period. Offer a cup of warm water, chocolate beverage or water bag when they feel uncomfortable. Women on period tend to be slightly emotional, so try to be more understanding.

4. Do house chores together
Traditions seem to have dictated that house chores are women’s responsibility, but every family member should contribute. Men being involved in house chores can promote family harmony – buying ingredients and washing dishes together can enhance communication quality with our spouses.

5. Put on our smartphones
How many of us these days are not glued to our smartphones? In order to become a ‘warm man’, we need to learn to let go of our phones when we are having meals, shopping or when the ladies are talking. Do so to show that you care and appreciate spending quality time with them, and above all, prove to them that they are the apple of your eye!

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