April 28, 2023


🌝朝米水 — 去水腫、消胃脹、改善面黃
🌙夕米水 — 補救熬夜、烏髮養腎、紓緩腰痠
❤️紅豆米水 — 紅潤面色、安神助眠、補血養胃
🌾燕麥米水 — 去水腫、紓緩便秘、改善多汗
🧣炒米水 — 暖胃散寒、溫暖四肢
🤎靈芝米水 — 健脾補腎、補氣安神、美白養顏
🎋竹蔗馬蹄米水 — 清熱袪濕、清肺止咳、涼血止血


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Making a comeback: Restore a rosy complexion

Do you envy people with naturally glowing, white, and rosy skin even with minimal makeup? From the traditional Chinese medicine perspective, taking care of your spleen is essential to achieve radiant and healthy-looking skin. Your spleen and stomach are responsible for absorbing nutrients needed for growth.
When they function correctly, they can provide nutrition to the five organs and six bowels. Conversely, a weak spleen can lead to dry skin, making your skin appear dull, yellowish, and lacklustre.
To start improving your skin’s health, consider drinking rice water every day and consuming moderate amounts of spleen-nourishing foods like rice, millet, Chinese yam, hyacinth bean, poria, corn, oats, and potatoes. Make sure to eat regular meals, avoid consuming raw and cold foods, and limit your sugar consumption. When your spleen is healthy, your skin will naturally appear better.

Which type of rice water suits you best?
🌝Dawn rice water – reduce water retention, relieve abdominal bloating, improve yellowish complexion
🌙Dusk rice water – remedy to frequent late nights, improve hair quality and nourish kidneys, relieve sore lower back.

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