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Damp heat to blame when your child cannot wake up in time

As soon as the summer holidays are over, my headache begins. My child can never wake up properly and is always late to school. Do you have any suggestions?

CheckCheckCin: Kids who have trouble waking up can be quite bothersome. Aside from temperament and personality factors, it could be related to body constitution too! Damp heat and phlegm and dampness body constitutions can cause children to have feelings of heavy limbs, tiredness despite adequate sleep so naturally, waking up can be quite the challenge. Coupled with the high humidity of Hong Kong, it can further exacerbate the issue, and even adults can have a hard time with it.
To resolve the issue, aside from sleeping early and having healthy habits, you can also try making changes in the diet. Damp heat (stomach) bodies tend to happen to those who eat fried, oily and heavy flavoured foods, or those who like sweets. It is usually accompanied with bad breath, strong body odor, smelly stool. So try to decrease consumption of these foods and have ingredients that can strengthen the spleen and stomach, clear heat and dispel dampness. Try fruits such as kiwis, dragon fruits, apples, and watermelons.

Quick breakfast- grilled sweet potatoes
Effects: sweet potatoes can strengthen the spleen and stomach, replenish qi and blood, alleviate constipation
Ingredients: 2-3 sweet potatoes, appropriate amounts of water
Preparation: rinse the sweet potatoes and place into rice cooker. Add in water until they are at about ¼ of the sweet potatoes height. Start the rice cooker and once the rice cooker stop, keep warm for another 10 minutes.

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