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菊花 — 性涼,清肝退火、明目、保健眼睛。
洋甘菊 — 性寒,有安神功效,對風熱感冒及風濕疼痛有紓緩作用。
洛神花 — 性寒,清熱解毒、消滯、養顏。孕婦不宜飲用,亦不宜空腹飲用。

玫瑰花 — 性溫,疏肝解鬱、行氣活血。因為有活血功效,月經期間不宜飲用。
茉莉花 — 性溫,理氣解鬱,紓緩胸悶不適。
桂花 — 性溫,溫肺散寒、暖胃止痛。
佛手 — 性溫,疏肝理氣、養胃止痛。

Floral teas for stress relief during spring
Spring is a beautiful time as everything is fresh again, but at the same time it is humid and foggy. The gloomy and humid weather can easily make people feel depressed. Emotions go up and down with nature. According to statistics, spring is the season when mood disorders are prone to occur. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, spring qi can pass through the liver, the main functions of the liver are to “vent” and to “hold blood”. Venting is the circulation of mental and emotional energy, digestion, qi and blood. Insufficient venting can lead to depression and anger.
If you feel depressed, are sighing all day long, see nothing pleasing or stress so much that you often have headaches, have abdominal pains, often feel like something is stuck in the throat, have poor sleep or even insomnia. It is time to face your emotional problems. Drinking floral tea according to your body condition may help. Floral tea generally has the effects of reducing stress and calming the mind. You can also choose suitable floral tea to relieve symptoms and discomfort according to your needs. If emotional problems persist or are serious, remember to seek professional assistance.

For those with heat related body condition:
Chrysanthemum- cool in nature, clears the livers and heat, improves vision.
Lavender- cool in nature, clears heat and detoxifies, dispels wind and relieves itchy skin, helps to improve sleep.
Chamomile- cold in nature, calms the mind. It can relieve heat wind flu and rheumatoid arthritis.
Roselle- cold in nature, clears heat and detoxifies, aids digestion, improves skin quality. It is not suitable for pregnant women. It also should not be consumed with an empty stomach.

For those with cold related body condition:
Rose- warm in nature, reduces stress, promotes qi and activates blood. As it can activate blood, it is not suitable for menstruating women.
Jasmine- warm in nature, regulates qi and reduces stress, relieves chest discomfort
Sweet osmanthus- warm in nature, warms the lungs and dispels cold, warms the stomach and relieves pain
Fingered citron- warm in nature, relieves stagnated liver and regulates qi, nourish the stomach and relieves pain

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