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– 每日飲用由紅米、白米及薏米煮成的米水
– 避免進食生冷食物
– 飲食宜清淡,不宜過分進補
– 適量進食粗糧例如小米、番薯、薯仔等食物
– 作息有規律,進食不宜過飽

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Strengthen the spleen and stomach all-year long

Chinese physicians always emphasize on the importance of taking care of the spleen and stomach. What exactly are the spleen and stomach? In short, spleen and stomach are parts of the digestive system. A healthy spleen and stomach can absorb nutrients from food and nourish the organs. The development of a child’s growth, recovery after illness, or nourishing the body and replenishing the yin during autumn and winter all depend on the spleen and stomach.

While the stomach absorbs nutrients from the food, the spleen governs the circulation and metabolism of water and nutrients in the body. Since birth, an individual relies on the spleen and stomach to absorb nutrients and circulate them to all body parts.

A spleen with a lack of qi would not efficiently convert food into nutrients that the body can absorb, and this is how the body turns weak. Therefore, taking care of the spleen and stomach can improve the absorption of nutrients, improving the general wellbeing of the body.

The spleen is the source of energy for the qi and blood, so a good digestive system can maintain an individual’s general health. At the same time, it takes efforts to maintain a good spleen and stomach as we age. Here are some tips to take good care of your spleen and stomach:
– drink the rice water made with red rice, white rice and coix seeds daily
– avoid to eat cold and raw foods
– eat light and do not eat too much tonic food
– appropriately consume coarse grains such as millet, sweet potato, and potato
– rest and eat regularly. Do not overeat

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