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– 日間做適量帶氧運動
– 睡前不過飢或過飽
– 睡前至少半小時放下電話
– 睡前避免喝茶、咖啡、奶茶、酒精飲品


Sleep quality trumps sleep quantity 
“I have been in a bad mood recently. I don’t seem to have energy for anything. I have dinner after work and go straight to bed. After 10 hours of sleep daily, I still feel tired. I wake up easily in the middle of the night and dream a lot. What can I do?”

CheckCheckCin: Chinese medicine theory believes that nourishing your body through food is better than medicine, and sleeping well is better than eating well. Sleep is an important thing in life, and it is ideal to have enough quality sleep so that you can be energized and have energy. From Chinese medicine perspective, difficulty falling asleep, easily awaken from sleep, difficulty going back to sleep after waking are all considered a form of insomnia. Insomnia is mostly related to these three organs- heart, liver and kidneys. If insomnia is accompanied by irritability, depression, bitter mouth, dry eyes, reddish and short urination and other symptoms, you likely have stagnation of liver qi and liver depression which can cause heat in body. You should drink more floral tea to relieve depression, and pay attention to the following tips to improve sleep quality. 

Tips for better sleep:
– Do the right amount of cardio exercise during the day
– Do not become too hungry or too full before going to bed
– Put down the phone for at least half an hour before going to bed
– Avoid drinking tea, coffee, milk tea, alcoholic drinks before going to bed

Floral tea with honey to de-stress 
Effects: relieves depression and calms the mind
Ingredients: 3g jasmine, 6g albizia flower, appropriate amounts of honey
Preparation: rinse all dry ingredients thoroughly and place into thermos, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 5 minutes until aroma develops. Add honey to taste. You can re-brew until its flavor weakens.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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