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「早起的鳥兒有蟲吃」「一日之計在於晨」這些老掉牙的至理名言大家都聽過,但有多少人去實踐?事實上不少人都習慣早起,例如李嘉誠每天5點59分起床聽英語新聞及打高爾夫球才去上班;前美國總統奧巴馬每天早上6:45起床,先去健身室再與家人吃頓豐富早餐然後工作;同樣6:45起床的股神巴菲特,起床後先閱讀5至6份報章;Microsoft創辦人Bill Gates早上7時起床,一邊做帶氧運動一邊看短片;Tim Cook甚至凌晨3:45起床,處理電郵後去健身,歎過咖啡後才工作。




Fine tune your sleeping routine 
There are old Chinese saying that talk about how early birds have advantage on feeding and how your day is shaped by how you plan your day in the morning. How many of you put these into practice? A lot of people have the habit of waking up in the morning. For example, Lee Ka Shing wakes up at 5:59am to listen to the news and play golf; former US President Barack Obama wakes up at 6:45am to go to the gym and have a hearty breakfast with family before heading to work; Microsoft Founder Bill Gates wakes up at 7am to do cardio exercises and watch short clips; Tim Cook gets up at 3:45am to go through his emails and work out, then have a cup of coffee and head to work. 

What is the common thing here? Getting up early!

Chinese medicine promotes going to sleep early and wake up early to be healthy. The human biological clocks should follow the laws of nature. It is recommended to sleep before 11pm, as Chinese medicine believes that a 24 hour day can be divided into 12 intervals. Gallbladder meridian, liver meridian and lung meridian are on duty from 11pm. Sleeping during this period will allow the qi and blood to circulate smoothly in the organs, remove toxins, and strengthen the body. If you stay up late, it may lead to gallbladder fire, causing bitter taste in mouth, headache and other symptoms, or insufficient liver blood which may cause irritability and affect concentration. Large intestine meridian is on duty at 5am. It is suitable to have bowel movement. Stomach meridian is on duty at 7am. It is best to have breakfast and start working with full energy.

In addition to sleeping according to the time of the meridian flow chart, the sleep time should be adjusted slightly with the four seasons. It is better to go to bed late and wake up early in the spring and summer, go to sleep early and wake up early in the fall, and go to bed early and wake up late in the winter. In general, move around more during the day and rest more at night. It is the best way to live healthily.

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