July 16, 2021




⚠️ 日揼夜揼

⚠️ 以按摩椅為伴

⚠️ 追力

⚠️ 啪頸啪腰

⚠️ 通淋巴一片瘀青

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Are massage pains pleasureable?
When it comes to massage, people will have different preferences. Some are afraid of pain, some afraid of being tickled, while some prefer massage therapists to go full force on them. Please be careful that such a request can hurt your body if not handled properly.
⚠️ Massage every day and night
You might be wealthy enough to splurge on massages, but you should not go for massage too often. Getting massages regularly can increase inflammation on the nerves, blood vessels, and muscles.

⚠️ Massage chair as your companion
Those who do not like people to touch them but still enjoy massage would spend a long time sitting on the massage chairs in shopping malls.

⚠️ Request massage therapist to go full force
Some people enjoy the pleasure pain brings and ask their massage therapist to exert more pressure on their body. By doing so, you might increase the chances of damaging your muscle fibers.

⚠️ ‘Whack’ the neck and waist
The cervical and lumbar spines are the most important yet fragile spots of the body. Exerting too much pressure on these areas might damage the nerves and vessels, causing us to experience dizziness, or even paralysis.

⚠️ Bruises from lymphatic massage
Some beauty parlors try to convince their clients to try the lymphatic massage to reduce edema. At the same time, the public also subscribes to the misconception of ‘the more pain we experience, the effective the massage is’. Some believe the lymphatic massage can reduce edema upon seeing the bruises around the lymph nodes. A gentle massage might help improve blood circulation, but it is better to consume ingredients that can effectively reduce edema.

✔ CheckCheckCin Recommendation: Dampness
Ingredients: Rice bean, black eyed bean, hyacinth bean coat
Effects: Strengthens the spleen and dispels dampness. Relieves fatigue, tired even after adequate sleep, heaviness in limbs and edema.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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