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1) 自訂三餐時間,每隔4-6小時吃下一餐,令進食有規律
2) 沒時間進食也要吃一份三文治或喝一杯米水,不會傷到脾胃
3) 飲食宜清淡,適量進食粥品、米粉等容易消化的食物
4) 適量進食清熱滋陰食物如雪梨、花旗參、百合、沙參、玉竹、海底椰、蜂蜜等
5) 忌吃辛辣、油膩、香口及偏熱性食物
6) 不宜喝薑茶、紅棗水、桂圓水等溫補食材
7) 睡覺時要自行調節光線,白天睡覺要關上窗簾,起床儘量令環境明亮,讓身體更好適應


Shift workers should learn to nourish yin

I am a shift worker and always feel quite dry, am prone to acne and feel tired. What can I do about it?

According to ancient Chinese medicine book “Huangdi Neijing”, those with healthy regular routines and habits will have healthy bodies and sound spirits. However, some people have shift work and can create confusion in their biological clocks. This can hurt the core of the body and lead to yin deficiency and heat-related symptoms like dry mouth, canker sores, acne and constipation. Shift workers have to reverse day and night, so it is best to fine-tune diet and lifestyle habits to reduce the damage.

Healthy tips for shift workers
1) Tailor make your meals times and try to eat every 4-6 hours.
2) Eat a sandwich or drink a cup of rice water when you are busy to protect your spleen and stomach.
3) Eat lighter meals and bland foods such as congee and rice noodles.
4) Appropriately consume foods that can clear heat and nourish Yin such as pear, American ginseng, lily bulbs, radix adenophorae, radix polygonatum, sea coconut, honey
5) Avoid eating spicy, greasy, flavourful and hot natured food.
6) Avoid warm natured tonic drinks such as ginger tea, Chinese red dates water, dried longan water
7) Adjust the lighting during sleep. Close the curtains if you sleeo during the day and bring in light when you wake up to let your body adapt to the environment.

Tea for busy people to clear heat and nourish yin
Effects: Nourishes yin and clears heat, relieves dryness and replenishes the lungs
Ingredients: 1 tablespoon American ginseng powder, 2 tablespoon dendrobium powder
Preparation: Add hot water and powder into thermos and steep for 15 minutes. Remember to drink it slowly instead of drink all at once.

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