October 7, 2022

#24節氣 – 寒露】





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It is the first solar term with the word ‘cold’ in it. Cold dew signifies that we are well into fall. The humidity will decrease and body fluid will evaporate quickly. This can cause dry eyes, dry throat, dry nose, dry skin, itchy and increase of wrinkles. So pay attention to nourishing yin and preventing dryness in life. You can appropriately consume ingredients that can nourish yin such as lily bulb, glehnia root, radix ophiopogonis, dendrobium. Avoid hot, spicy, and heavily-flavored food. Fruits such as pear, fig, persimmon, sugar cane, mulberries are good choices for dry autumn. It is better enjoy outdoor activities in this good weather. Additional exposure to sunlight can replenish the decreasing yang qi, and also reduce the impact of the “autumn sadness”.

Healthy living during Cold Dew Solar Term:
“Nourish yin and relieve dryness. Moisten lungs and promote fluid production”

American ginseng: replenishes qi, nourishes yin, clears asthenic fire, promotes fluid production and relieves thirst.
Dendrobium: clears heat and nourishes yin, promotes fluid production and nourishes the stomach.

American Ginseng tea with dendrobium
Effects: nourishes yin and clears heat, relieves dry mouth, dry eyes, dry stool etc.
Ingredients: 1 tablespoon American ginseng, 1 tablespoon dendrobium powder
Preparation: Place all ingredients into thermos. Then add in hot water and steep for 15 minutes.

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