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Simple fried rice water to warm the stomach

According to Chinese Medicine theories, white rice can replenish the qi, strengthen the spleen, and nourish the stomach. Fry the white rice to become golden, add water into it, and turn it into fried rice water. Besides strengthening the spleen and stomach, fried rice water can also warm the stomach, dispel cold, and warm the limbs. It is suitable for individuals who are afraid of cold and with yin, blood, and qi deficiencies. Pregnant mothers and mothers during confinement can also consume it. Nevertheless, individuals with heat-related symptoms such as sore throat, dry mouth, bad breath, hard stools should avoid the drink.

Preparing the fried rice is easy. First, rinse and air-dry the white rice. Then, warm the wok with low heat, add the white rice to it, and fry it until it turns golden brown with fragrance. Once the white rice cools down, we can either brew it right away or store it in teabags.

We can prepare fried rice water with different flavors and properties by adding ingredients like lemongrass, dried citrus peel, and south jujube. Once water is added to the fried white rice, it should be consumed within a day because the drink would turn stale if it is kept overnight.

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