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February 12, 2021










男友宜:讚美,但不建議浮誇的讚美 。


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Why are you acting crazy? You are having your period again, aren’t you?

Girlfriend wakes up with a troubled mind and in a bad mood, and demands the boyfriend’s total attention.

The boyfriend, who could not stand it anymore: Why are you acting crazy? You are having your period again, aren’t you?

Just like that, I became upset.

Women will experience mood swings when they are menstruating. The changes in their emotions might become more drastic if they experience weakness in the qi and blood or the stagnation of the qi in the liver.

Men around them should try to be more understanding, be good listeners, offer them warm water or a heat bag, and avoid asking unnecessary questions. Here is a ‘How to Take Care of Your Menstruating Girlfriend’ survival guide:

. Binge eating
What the boyfriend should do: eat with her and avoid saying sensitive words like ‘fat’, ‘plump’ or ‘pig’.

.Acne on the chin
What the boyfriend should do: no need to buy acne cream for her. The acne will go away once the period is over.

.Drastic change in emotions
What the boyfriend should do: talk less and do more work. She should be fine after a few days.

.Prefers to stay home over going out
What the boyfriend should do: stay by her side as if you are her favorite pillow.

.Body becomes more voluptuous
What the boyfriend should do: praise her but avoid exaggeration.

.Does not enjoy talking as much
What the boyfriend should do: let her be and do not ask unnecessary questions.

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