June 16, 2018

【夏日限定新茶飲】 生津理氣檸檬茶?? 明日全線分店開賣!?




Delicious and healthy lemon tea!
CheckCheckCin has formulated a brand new drink- a refreshing lemon tea ! The sweetness comes from monk fruit but doesn’t over shadow the lemon, coupled with Jasmine fragrance and organic chia seeds, this is the lemon tea that you’ve been craving for! It also helps to regulate qi, promote fluid production and relieve thirst. Suitable for those prone to stomach discomfort, dry throat, lack of appetite and difficulty passing stool.

Refreshing lemon tea
Ingredients: jasmine, lemon, lime, organic monk fruit, organic chia seeds, Liu an black tea

#我胖了 #我有壓力 #痰濕 #氣滯 #濕熱

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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