March 21, 2018



當體內濕氣重時,除了令人昏昏欲睡,更使人食慾不振。不少人進食時都喜歡加入芥茉,其辛辣刺鼻的氣味,能刺激味蕾。食西餐常作為肉類的佐料是黃芥末,是由芥菜的種子製作成的芥末醬 。至於食魚生時常伴的綠芥末(又名山葵),是由山葵根磨成細泥狀製成。


Yellow vs Green Mustard

When there is dampness in your body, it can make you quite tired and even lose appetite. Some people may choose to have some mustard, and the spice can stimulate taste buds. Western dishes are often accompanied by yellow mustard, and it is made with mustard seed. Sashimi is often accompanied with green mustard, also known as wasabi, and it is made by grating the wasabi stem into mud form.
Mustard is warm in nature with a spicy taste. It can warm the body and dispel cold, promote qi circulation and stimulate appetite. Alleviates cold stomach symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting, decrease in appetite. It is especially suitable for those with yang deficient body constitution and those with cold stomach. Those with yin deficiency, heat-related symptoms or prone to abdominal discomfort should avoid.

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