March 21, 2018



進入春分,代表著春季已過了一半。今天太陽會直射在赤道,所以南、北半球的日照時間一樣長,晝夜平分,才有「春分」之稱。由這一天起,白晝會愈來愈長,夜晚則一天比一天短。進入春分時節,氣溫漸漸回暖,相對濕度接近百分百,適合午睡的時節,即使在大白天,人也特別容易感到睏倦,這個現象被稱為「春睏」。有些人會以補眠來舒緩春睏,但這有機會會令人更覺疲累。擊退春睏的最佳方法其反而是運動,微微出汗,既可帶走體內濕氣,亦使人更精神。飲食方面更要留意戒口,生冷油膩重口味都要少吃 。養生的重點就是養脾胃,每天喝一杯米水,適量進食袪濕食材,有助排走濕氣。

1. 喝米水保持脾胃健康,就不怕濕滯
2. 忘我的跑一場步,有助發洩情緒
3. 可作一些粉色系列的春季打扮

x 酒、花膠、紅棗、雪耳、沙律、雪糕、壽司、咖哩等

Spring Equinox
As we enter spring equinox, it signifies that we are half way through spring. The sun is straight at the equator, which means the day in the southern and northern hemisphere are same in length, and day vs night time is split equally. From this day on, day light will become longer and longer as the night shortens. The weather is warming up slowly, and humidity is near 100%. This is a period of time where you may be prone to feeling tired and afternoon naps may be needed. Some people may sleep more to compensate but this may lead to even more tiredness. The best way to fight the spring tiredness is to exercise and sweat a bit. This can remove some of the dampness in the body and give you energy. Be careful what you eat and avoid cold/raw and heavy flavored foods. It is important to nourish your spleen and stomach with a cup of rice water daily. Dispel dampness by eating ingredients that can dispel dampness.
Gentle reminders
1. Drink rice water to keep your spleen and stomach healthy and avoid dampness stagnation
2. Run freely to relieve your emotions
3. Dress with pastel colors
4. During your 3pm afternoon tea, have a cup of sweet osmanthus or camomile tea to relieve work stress.
✓ kudzu root, poria, Chinese yam, rice beans, coix seeds, atractylodes rhizome
x alcohol, fish maw, Chinese red dates, snow fungus, salads, ice cream, sushi, curry

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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