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– 南瓜子:驅蟲、利水消腫
– 開心果:溫腎暖脾、潤腸通便
– 夏威夷果仁:養血補氣、補腦益智
– 腰果:止咳除痰、止渴、去心煩

– 杏脯肉:潤肺定喘
– 桂圓肉:補血安神
– 葡萄乾:補氣血、健脾胃



Turn your new year candy box into a healthy treasure

I always feel anxious when Chinese New Year comes around as all the yummy things can hurt my weight loss plan. I can’t resist the temptation of all the seeds and candies in the Chinese New Year candy boxes, help me!
CheckCheckCin: Traditionally, candy boxes would have candied winter melon, candied lotus seed, candies and chocolate. They are high in calories and sugar, so you should avoid when you can. How about try replacing all the items in your candy box with healthier snacks such as pumpkin seeds, baked nuts, and dried fruits without additives, low sodium rice crackers, vegetable chips with little seasoning. You should also note not to over eat. Let yourself enjoy while visiting friends and relatives during the new year and have a cup of slimming tea when you get home!
Healthy candy box selection:
Baked Nuts
– Pumpkin seeds: dispels bugs, promotes diuresis and relieves bloating
– Pistachio: warm the kidneys and stomach, moistens the intestines to relieve constipation
– Macadamia nuts: nourishes blood and replenishes qi, replenishes the brain
– Cashews: relieves cough and phlegm, relieves irritability
Dried fruits with no additives:
– Apricot: moistens the lungs and relieves shortness of breath
– Longan: nourishes blood and calms the mind
– Grapes: replenishes qi and blood, strengthens the spleen and stomach

Low sodium rice cracker
Vegetable chips with little seasoning

Bring your own slimming tea
Ingredients: 10g panax notoginseng, 10g lotus leaves, 10g corn silk
Effects: Promotes blood circulation and burns fat. Suitable for indigestion, rounded body, dark eye circles, and dull complexion.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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