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蘋果 — 性平,潤肺健胃、生津止渴。
葡萄 — 性平,補氣血、健胃生津。
蓮霧 — 性涼,清熱涼血、利尿消腫。
杮子 — 性寒,清熱潤肺、止渴。
火龍果 — 性寒,潤腸通便、清火涼血。
士多啤梨 — 性寒,生津止渴、利咽潤肺。

Red fruits that can clear heat

There are lots of delicious things to eat during chinese new year such as fried cakes, fried dumplings, sesame cookie balls, fried taro etc. But after two days you may find yourself with heat related symptoms such as sore throat, canker sores, acne, and yellowish urine. The heat is from all the fried food you have been eating. This would be a good time to take a look at the fruit baskets you received and some of those red fruits can promote fluid production and relieve dryness to improve the imbalance of fluid and fire in your body.

Red fruits that can promote fluid proodciton and relieve dryness:

Apple – mild in nature, moistens the lungs and strengthens the stomach, promote fluid production to relieve thirst
Grapes – mild in nature, replenishes qi and blood, strengthens the stomach and promotes fluid production
Bell fruit – cool in nature, clears heat and cools blood, promotes diuresis and relieves bloating
Persimmon – cool in nature, clears heat and moistens the lungs, relieves thirst
Dragon fruit – cool in nature, moistens the intestines to relieve constipation, clears fire and cools blood
Strawberry – cool in nature, promotes fluid production and relieves thirst, relieves sore throat and moistens the lungs

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