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I go out shopping with a panda all the time

Girlfriend: (Busy watching IG videos): Baby, look~ this panda is adorable!
Boyfriend: What is so adorable about it? I am out with a panda all the time.

Just like that, I became upset.

Many women have dark circles under their eyes, and the condition could be congenital or result of our habits and lifestyle. Individuals with a disrupted qi and blood circulation or those with blood stasis condition would develop more apparent dark eye circles.

Dark eye circles would also develop easily if we stay up late all the time, as this lifestyle can hurt the yin, liver, and kidney, causing the lack of blood in the liver. Since the health of the liver is reflected on the eyes, dark circles would then gradually form beneath the eyes.

In order to solve this problem, we must change our lifestyle. Avoid sleeping late; avoid eating raw, cold, and spicy foods, as they can disrupt the circulation of the blood and the qi. Consume ingredients that can invigorate the blood, such as lotus, hawthorn, black fungus, beetroot, and rose. Drinking herbal tea that can relieve dark eyes circles would help as well.

✔CheckCheckCin Beauty Tea Recommendation: Dark Circles
Ingredients: Fried black bean, raisin, peppermint
Effects: Promotes blood circulation to eliminate blood stasis. Suitable for dark circles, dull complexion and lip colour and pimple marks

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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